Areas of interest


Strong commercial vocation, capacity for detecting business opportunities, dedication, desire for improvement and skill in negotiating with customers are some of the qualities of our sales staff.


Young graduates with creativity and skill in managing the Company’s resources for driving sales and products from the marketing area.


The young people who enter this area have strong analytical skills and organizational capacity and are thorough and responsible. An organization like ours will let you discover the financial and administrative area in depth and from the inside.


Technical profiles (quality, maintenance, projects, etc.). Newly qualified engineers, with enthusiasm and the desire to build a successful career, and production line positions make the industrial area one of the drivers of our Company.

Research and Development

Professionals who work constantly to discover and create innovative products and renovate existing ones, with extensive knowledge of science and technology in the service of continuous improvement in quality and health and safety issues.

People and Human Resources

We take care to ensure our team is highly qualified, with potential for professional and personal development, highly motivated and able to commit to the company's goals and values. We carry out our activities in the areas of Recruitment, Training and Development, Organization and Internal Communication.


Professionals with strong language skills, negotiation skills and commercial vocation, capable of promoting the international development of our business to consolidate the brand beyond our borders and conquer new markets.