Philosophy and values

Philosophy and values.

As a leadership brand, the Pascual Corporation represents a way of understanding and serving the market, its stakeholders and its environments based since its foundation on a business model inspired by a philosophy of quality.

The brand projects a vision that is consistent and lasting, based on the values of improvement, the public welfare, quality, service, social and environmental commitment, passion, humility and respect. These values inspire its internal and external behaviour and govern its corporate activities.

The objective of the company is to promote a policy of permanent availability and service, focused on the various stakeholders, with an active presence in them and in society in general.

We believe that the best is yet to come.

The Pascual Corporation is committed to innovation in its corporate management model in a way that is brave, dynamic and original. In keeping with this business vision, the people who work for the company identify with this spirit of innovation and continuous improvement and bring their outstanding creativity, imagination and positive attitudes to work every day. Always moving forward and always overcoming new challenges.

We want people to enjoy life more.

The Pascual Corporation is not only committed to improving public welfare through food, but is also committed to doing so through its other activities, connecting the value chain to all of its stakeholders and to society in general. The objective is to make people's lives easier and healthier, and all the companies that comprise the Corporation work together to achieve this.

Quality at its finest.

At the Pascual Corporation, quality is an inherent value of its business philosophy and is a model in all corporate areas. As part of the DNA of the company, it defines the behaviour of the people that comprise it and, at the same time is the common link that defines all our products and services. However, quality is not just about meeting expectations: quality is about achieving excellence in all areas, acting transparently and honestly.

Accessibility generates trust.

The Pascual Corporation believes in accessibility and trust as the basis of its business.

Its companies all share the generation of an environment of trust that is convenient and accessible and that promotes cooperation between people and management areas, between employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

The Corporation is constantly improving its leadership model in order to be an example, by working, developing, caring and recognising people so that they can give their best.

Committed to society and the environment.

Sustainability in its widest sense - economic, social and environmental - and ethical behaviour have always been the basis for the businesses of the Pascual family. That is why they still inspire the values of all the businesses of the Corporation today.

In particular, the Tomás Pascual and Pilar Gómez-Cuétara Foundation expresses its commitment to society by promoting healthy lifestyles and training in human values.

Passion for a job well done.

Our shared project is the engine that drives the wills of all Pascual Corporation employees. Believing in this and internalising it generates true passion that enables greater achievements, commitments and exceptional performance levels that guarantee that the inherited legacy will last a long time.

Always looking for the best with passion.

You learn something new every day.

Convinced that it still has a lot to learn, the Pascual Corporation believes that progress is not about reaching a peak but about enjoying the path that takes you there. The quest for public welfare and the improvement of the public's quality of life means overcoming limits, learning new things and unlearning others. Listening and learning. With respect and humility.

True to our origins.

The identifying values of the Pascual Corporation are the greatest treasure inherited from the family business, as they enable and guarantee the group of companies that comprise it and their particular personality and behaviour. Their determination, eagerness, availability, service, honesty and passion for people are the most important distinguishing features.

"If you do not achieve recognition, everything you have done is worthwhile. But it does not exist."
(Tomás Pascual Sanz)