The Tomás Pascual Foundation

The Tomás Pascual and Pilar Gómez-Cuétara Foundation was set up in 2011 as a not-for-profit institution that includes the legacy of the family business Pascual-Gómez Cuétara.

Its objective is to provide continuity and promote the values expounded by Tomás Pascual and Pilar Gómez-Cuétara, who have always believed that the cultivation of values is the key to building a healthier, more honest society.

It is an innovative project that is public focused and philanthropic, aimed at promoting greater quality of life both within the sphere of food and health and in the experience of human values, in order to achieve balance and personal happiness.

Propagation of better eating, health and life habits are the basis of Foundation’s activities. The Center for Research in Values (CIVSEM) focuses in the research, broadcast and training in Human Values ​​as the key to a fulfilling, mature and happy life, base for entrepreneurship and innovation. CIVSEM is an entity dependent to the Foundation.


The Values Research Centre is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is research, education and training into human values and how these enable integration, coexistence, improvement, innovation and the sense of transcendence of people.

Its vision is to be the leading centre in the field of human values. To generate knowledge and education, to raise awareness, advise and train so that people who wish to can build their lives around profound values. Guiding personal and professional development. Paying special attention to entrepreneurship and innovation.