About us

An essential touch of quality in your life

Since its beginnings, Pascual has been a brand that is strongly associated with quality. Nowadays, through the Pascual Corporation, there are more and more people enjoying a new concept of quality, which is increasingly broad and global and that goes beyond the development of healthy, high-quality products and that constitutes the essential ingredient that sets the philosophy and values of the organisation apart. The inspiring principle of the Pascual Corporation is the supply

of value and quality to people's lives, this being understood as a collective commitment to improvement in our daily work aimed at public welfare. Only a small "touch", but one that is essential:

  • • to help people enjoy a fuller, healthier life.
  • • to help people in their daily lives for all of their lives.
  • • continuously improve people's quality of life and, in short, their welfare.

What is the pascual corporation?

The Pascual Corporation is a leadership brand that represents the spirit and vocation of a family business to support people every hour of every day and throughout all the stages of their lives.

The Pascual Corporation is a holding company that includes various companies in the food and drink, construction, real estate and insurance sectors. In its second generation, it continues to be a family business committed to making the legacy of the founder larger every day by promoting growth and consolidating its position in the 21st Century.

The family is at the service of the company with the mission of transmitting the values that define the Corporation.

The Pascual Corporation is supported by the activity of the Tomás Pascual and Pilar Gómez-Cuétara Foundation, whose objective is to promote healthy lifestyles, both from a nutritional point of view and through education and training in human values: two ways to achieve well-being and quality of life in which a sense of responsibility is united with the feeling of a family business and the entrepreneurial nature that has driven it to occupy a special place in the sectors where it is active.


We want to be the company that provides an essential touch of quality to your life.
A family company, based since its beginnings on a philosophy of quality, this being understood as a continuous, collective commitment to the improvement of public welfare and providing value in an ethical and sustainable way.

Gestión responsable

Our compromise with a responsible managament is included in our Code of Conduct that looks forward to extend the concept of quality in all the activities we realize.
Also, with the purpose of defining the principles on which we base our work, you can consult our Managament System Policy and our Policies and Rules of Government.